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Here are some of the things I do:

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  • I am also in the MI ARNG: Co F 425 Inf Regt (LRS).
    Don't forget to check out some of the shots from my Viet Nam yearbook, and some PARACHUTE JUMPS my unit has made lately.
    I also found out where and how TAPS originated (this will give you chills)

    Colonel Holemand's Para Pages

    Friends sites

    JOHN SHEA has just started his website, and it's alot better than mine. He's a Cash Manager for Chrysler, if you need some tip, give him a ring.

    RACING FANS! I have a good friend who publishes a website on Sprint Racing, I think that's the right name for that particular type of racing. It's called Sprints On Dirt. It's good...take a look.

    Interestin Links

    For people who like the UNUSUAL....try this Museum. It's a pretty cool site.

    Do you want to play GAMES? Here's a link to Excite online games (better than Yahoo, which I also sometimes play). You play live with people from all over the world, games like Hearts, Backgammon, Spades, Eucher (my favorite), and lots more, and you can even get rated. YOU'VE GOT TO LOOK AT THIS ONE!

    Here is a great search engine(s). This one and the one below this are FANTASTIC.

    37.COM is the name of it. Give it a try, I promise, you'll like it.

    --> I use this MULTISEARCH engine...try this MAMMA...the mother of all search engines....

    click on the banner to find out more about it

    Like Africa? I found a link to let you view live images (and other things) from waterholes, and a portable camera. Sometimes you even see animals, I have. I look at it almost every day. Check out AFRICAM, it's unique.

    Get a lot of interesting information from Detroit and around the world, News, Weather and more from

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