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Death From Above


UPDATED 1 Jan 05

173rd Airborne
Bde. (Sep)
Viet Nam
Class of 68



United States Army Airborne Retired

Airborne T-Shirt (The  Devil Stood at Attention)
 Original design and most sizes available.

I need your Airborne jump pictures....
Starting a page for just jump Pictures
Please Email me your best I
will include your name
with all pictures
UNIQUE This is a REAL BOAT BED AND BREAKFAST Click the picture to see Co. F 425th Inf's Assult on Selfridge ANG Base's AIRSHOW 2000. A frame by frame experience. I've add a few more shots also. Click the link to see the Homepage of The 82nd Airborne Assn., WESTERN MICHIGAN U.P. CHAPTER Co. F's here Click the link to go to the Retiree's Webpage CHECK OUT MY LINKS TOO, MILITARY AND FRIENDS. Or....just take a tour of my Site... Enter Here